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Creative Kindergarten was founded in Kowloon Tong in 1984. Today, there are 11 Creative Kindergartens and Day Nurseries throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, and Guangzhou.

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Creative Kindergarten(Heng Fa Chuen)
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Creative Kindergarten and Day Nursery (Heng Fa Chuen) is located in Heng Fa Chuen, with a quiet environment, close to the MTR station and convenient transportation. The school creates an enlightening learning environment for young children, and sets up multiple learning corners, so that children are learning in every part of the school. The uniquely designed environment allows them to explore freely, enhance their interest in learning, and lay a solid foundation for the development of good learning habits.

School Features

International Perspective
Inquiry-Based Learning
Parent Education
Quality Curriculum
International Perspective
Parent Education
Inquiry-Based Learning
Quality Curriculum

International Perspective

Cultivate Children's International Vision
Meet the Future Challenges of the World

In the era of rapid change, we prepare children for the challenges of the future world, broaden children’s life experience, stimulate children’s learning potential, and cultivate children’s international vision.



Integration of STEAM Education
Inspire Independent and Innovative Thinking

Keeping pace with the rapid development of the world, the kindergarten curriculum has included "Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math", emphasizing the focus on children and the integration of different fields of knowledge to cultivate children's independent thinking and creativity.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Experiential Inquiry Learning
Cultivate Learning Enthusiasm

With the arrangement of different themes and units, children engage in joyful exploration and self-selection activities in the self-selected learning area every day, which can help enhance their learning enthusiasm and unknowingly master the skills of getting along with others and solving problems.


Parent Education

Implement Parent Education Courses
Broaden the Horizons of Parenting

Parental participation is very important to the growth of young children. The school organizes parent education courses regularly to let parents understand the development process of young children, so as to enhance home-school cooperation and communication, establish good partnerships, and further enhance parent-child relationships.

Quality Curriculum

High-Quality Courses Stimulate Potential
Cultivate Children's All-Round Development

Continuing the forward-looking curriculum concept, integrating it into the new era of learning mode, providing diversified and comprehensive high-quality courses under "respect children's growth and development", and attaching importance to cultivating children's ability to learn independently.


Year of Establishment:



Ages 2 to 3 Ages 3 to 4 Ages 4 to 5 Ages 5 to 6
Pre-Nursery (N1) |
Whole-day Pre-Nursery (N1)
Nursery (K1) |
Whole-day Nursery (K1)
Lower Kindergarten (K2) |
Whole-day Lower Kindergarten (K2)
Upper Kindergarten (K3) |
Whole-day Upper Kindergarten (K3)

Class Hours:

AM Classes PM Classes Whole-day Classes
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 12:00noon
Monday to Friday 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm

Fees (2023-2024 Academic Year):

Grades Kindergarten Day Nursery
1. FREE for children holding “2023/24 Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission“ under the Kindergarten Education Scheme
2. Other applicants please contact our school for details
HK$46,850 each year, payable in 10 installments, HK$4,685 per month.
For children holding “2023/24 Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission“ under the Kindergarten Education Scheme:
Total fees for whole-day classes including tuition, meals (including snacks, lunch and afternoon tea) are HK$31,460 each year, payable in 10 installments, HK$3,146 per month.
Total fees for whole-day classes including tuition, meals (including snacks, lunch and afternoon tea) are HK$75,140 each year, payable in 10 installments, HK$7,514 per month.

Contact Us:

Address: 100 Shing Tai Road, Heng Fa Chuen, Hong Kong
Tel: 2595 0638
Fax: 2595 0633
Email: hfc@creative.edu.hk


Principal Fung (Dr.)

Head Teacher Ms Chung

Head Teacher Ms Tang


Heng Fa Chuen campus is well-equipped. The school has different learning areas/corners, such as: library, toddler area, Art Gallery, STEM Corner and Creative World. The outdoor playground is a great learning venue as well. Abundant learning resources help inspire children's potential and creativity.

The school covers an area of 8,400 square feet, with 8 independent classrooms, 1 multi-purpose room, 1 auditorium, 1 outdoor playground and 1 indoor playground.


The library area provides children with a comfortable reading environment. Children can freely choose their favorite books to read in the area. Good reading habits from an early age help cultivate children's observation, organization, concentration and creativity.

Toddler Area

Through role play in the toddler area, children learn to get along with others. Peer interaction help stimulate children's communication and social skills. Children can fine tune their fine motor skills by manipulating different types of teaching aids on the wall.

Art Gallery

Children create freely in the Art Gallery. When children create their art pieces, they apply skills previously learned. Children's works of art are displayed on campus. It is a meaningful experience to be appreciated as well as appreciating other’s works.

STEM Corner

Children are full of curiosity. 2-6 year old children are in a critical period of brain development. Our STEM Corner provides different STEM learning tools for children to investigate, explore and learn at their own pace. It also strengthens children’s problem solving, creativity and innovation skills. Here, children cooperate and communicate with each other. The STEM Corner helps lay an important foundation for the whole person's development.

Creative World

In Creative World, children use different tools to create their own art pieces. These creative experiences stimulate children's interest in learning, enhance their innovative thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Outdoor Play Area

The outdoor play area is equipped with a variety of play equipment and sports facilities. They help children develop different motor skills while playing with their companions, stretching their minds and bodies, and getting close to nature.

Creative Garden

In the garden, children take part in planting, watering, converting food waste into fertilizer, growing and harvesting their own crops. "Learning by doing" is not only fun educational, but a rewarding experience for children as well. Our garden is also equipped with a fish and vegetable symbiosis system. Children are drawn to the wonders of nature. Through observation and exploration, they understand the mysteries of nature.

Primary School Placement

Primary School Offers Placement Results from Creative Kindergarten (Heng Fa Chuen)

Primary Schools (in no particular order)
The HKCWC Hioe Tjo Yoeng Primary School
Pui Kiu Primary School
The Salvation Army Ann Wyllie Memorial School
CCC Kei Wan Primary School (Aldrich Bay)
North Point Government Primary School
Chinese Methodist School (North Point
North Point Methodist Primary School
HKCCCU Logos Academy
HKUGA Primary School
Aldrich Bay Government Primary School

If you would like to know the Primary School placement in detail, please contact our campus directly.